Worst practice companies reach for the rulebook and break out the magnifying glass, then call the soon to be ex customer to the fine print that exonerates their company in the unlikely event that they fail to deliver on the promise. Lawyers tell the company that this is great; it saves the company from the downside. Well, lawyers are usually called in when a situation is spiraling out of control, not during the building stages of your business..

Great, Barrett said. Always played with high level competition my whole life, but to be on a team with Zion, Cam (Reddish No. 3 on ESPN top recruits board), Tre (Jones, No. Oh, on se calme. Virgin Barbs, la fin d’une belle aventure. C’est le titre de l’article.

1. Dwyer looking good. After stomping Fort Pierce Central in their spring game, Dwyer has even more buzz than normal. After a season of lethargy, rich holiday foods and forced hibernation, many among us have put on some pounds. It seems, at least in our heads, that these pounds have all accumulated in the wrong places. The “oh my god” what will I look like in my swimsuit cry is known to all genders..

The wine spent six months in barrel. I enjoyed this red over two or three days, and it kept getting better. Aranjuez also made a 2015 single vineyard tannat called Origen that will cost about twice as much when it arrives in the market this fall it is worth it.

In May, Citi debuted StandForProgress, where Americans were encouraged to set and share their goals, as part of its Team USA effort. Six of the bank’s Team Citi athletes, including Ms. Bassett, have been meeting with college students around the country to talk about progress, resulting in a video series on the bank’s YouTube channel.

Pictures show a dark shadow figure behind the fence on the Grassy Knoll. This “shadow figure” appears to have been wearing standard shooter type glasses, and dressed in a police uniform. Witnesses found footprints, along with other things, that indicated someone had indeed been in the precise location of the “shadow figure” from the photos.

Building on Nikki Sullivan’s notion of white optics, I suggest that Cox’s ontology is predi cated upon a ‘modest’ white aurality a racialized perceptual standpoint that is both situated and universalizing. Just as whiteness is not simply an individ ual trait that is possessed, white aurality is not specific to or possessed by Cox; indeed, I suggest that in Cox’s work, white aurality is partly indebted to a particular engagement with John Cage: an engagement that amplifies an apparent distinction between the social and the ontological in Cage’s work, while muffling its political dimensions. The notion of white aurality is further exemplified through the comparison on two sound works: Lawrence English’s Airport Symphony (2007) which is heard to enact a move toward sonic generality; and Chino Amobi’s Airport Music for Black Folk (2016), which, apropos of Fred Moten’s notion of blackness as paraontological disruption, is heard as sounding the racialized violence of objecthood that often goes unheard by sonic philosophy’s white aurality..

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