PETA’s history of sexist advertising includes its fat shaming “lose the blubber” billboard and dominatrix style “pleather yourself” poster, but the worst of the worst was its 2009 “Veggie Love” Super Bowl commercial, which NBC refused to air but is still viewable on the web. PETA describes the video as ” a bevy of beauties who are powerless to resist the temptation of veggie love,” and seemed confused about NBC’s decision to ban the ad. We are not confused..

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And so the modest Greenwich Village apartment that Windsor and Spyer shared for more than 30 years now houses trophies alongside relics of the rich life they led together. Near a framed copy of the couple’s New York Times wedding announcement, there’s a photograph of Michelle Obama stooping to give Windsor a tight congratulatory hug. From a pile of thank you letters she has received, Windsor pulls out a note written in green felt tip marker by Grace, age 9, thanking her for making it possible for her parents to marry.

Ta PA ta je, Sophia, sagesse, la fille du nuage blanc15. Corsaire, un papoose.12. Oke je, ours femelle qui marche sur le dos des autres, est sans doute celle qui fut inhume au cimetire Montmartre.ZOO HUMAINA la salle Valentino, le 29 mai 1845, George Sand se rendit un spectacle organis par Alexandre Vattemare sous le prtexte encore admis aujourd’hui “d’changes culturels” mon avis, le premier zoo humain organis dans le monde (l’exposition sera itinrante) manager des Indiens “IOWAYS” et une exposition compose d’armes, d’ornements indiens, de scalps, et de plus de cinq cents toiles du peintre amricain George Catlin, reprsentant des “indignes”, de scnes de chasse.

A lot of people know that I don’t write. When you don’t write you just go off of what you’re thinking and so be it. When I hear a beat, I can’t lie to you, the first damn thing I’m thinking about is I hear a bounce record to it, I hear an old bounce song to it.”.

Please see the prospectus for more information about this ETF’s index methodology and for information about the management fees, other expenses and total annual fund operating expenses for the Invesco ETFs that may be held by it. Waiver will remain in effect until at least February 28, 2019. The 0.10% waiver is on an annualized basis; if the waiver is for less than a year the net management fee will be higher than 0.34%.

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