Mr. MORAN: Definitely, and that’s something that’s been around since, you know, the late ’70s when punk bands were saying, you know, forget corporations and all that. It really depends on how much you want how important it is for you to get your music out there, really.

It was started in 2005, and was sold to Google just months later in 2006 for $1.65 billion. The connection to Google strengthens the site, as the videos appear in Google Search results. Marketers need to take advantage of the platform, especially as YouTube and other video sites are replacing standard cable television.

READ MY LIPS: NO NEW TILTS. In every presidential campaign year, investors are bombarded with suggestions about how to tweak their portfolios by adding a smidgen of exposure to sectors that will shine if Candidate X or Y wins. Google “stocks to buy if Trump wins” or “stocks to buy if Clinton wins” and you’ll get more than 20 million results each..

Today, for example, women’s apparel represents only about 23% of sales. He expects that market to eventually make up more than half the company’s sales. And he expects footwear to eventually eclipse apparel sales. This club would also be far better on the attack if it played way more north south. The speed with which they transition the puck (to McDavid Draisaitl in particular) will be key. Both players are excellent transporters once the puck is on their sticks.

I know people hate bringing race into it but I think that also a really unavoidable aspect of this conversation, since TFA set Finn and Rey up with the potential to become romantic. While the “sexy bad boy” phenomenon is well known, if Adam Driver and John Boyega had been cast in opposite hero/villain roles, I think you see the Reylo side of fandom singing a very different tune. Bottom line, that side of fandom gives an evil white man more humanity and sympathy than a heroic black man (and Finn was relatively three dimensional with human flaws in TFA, at least no more or less so than any other character in that movie, so it not like he superhumanly perfect and therefore unrelatable)..

“Our union worked with the NFL, the Minnesota Vikings and Adrian’s representatives on a mutual agreement pending the adjudication of his legal case. Now that his legal matter is resolved, we believe it is Adrian’s right to be treated in a manner that is consistent with similar cases under our collective bargaining agreement. We will pursue any and all remedies if those rights are breached,” the NFLPA said..

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