But those other top scorers did it against better opposition and contributed more to the overall play than Kane did. Hence, Griezmann got the 3rd place for the Golden Ball and Hazard got 2nd place. There was no question of Kane even being nominated for those awards which I think is a better indicator of his overall contribution rather than the Golden Boot..

I, myself, was amazed to learn just how much stuff the earth has to produce through our extraction process to produce a dollar of revenue for our company. When I learned, I was flabbergasted. We are leaving a terrible legacy of poison and diminishment of the for our grandchildren grandchildren, generations not yet born.

Wrote to Justin that he could be the best player on the ice every night, Lawrence said. He realizes his potential, he could dominate. I don know if he was dominant tonight but he was dominant for the last 18 seconds, and that good enough for me. People do not understand that between pulling over a speeder going 8 over when everyone is going 5 over or pulling over someone doing the speed limit in the fast lane but is holding up traffic in the fast lane, the car parked in the fast lane will be pulled over 99.9% of the time. The Brazil Grand Prix that was as Interlagos (at So Paulo) in this layout changed to Jacarepagu Circuit (at Rio de Janeiro). When Jacarepag gave up to host Brazil Grand Prix, and Interlagos asked it back in 1989, Bernie would have asked to change for a “modern” layout and “erase” the outer ring that could be used by Formula Indy (in rapid growth of popularity at that moment).

That the only thing I can say. I wasn just like giving it away and I was moving a lot better. So I just trying to take the positives out of it. I found out years later it was my friend Kevin who had done it. He had no idea I had gotten thrown out for it, because they never even bothered asking my friends if I was with them at the time, so nobody knew what had happened to me. I could have sworn this place was in the United States, where we are innocent until proven guilty, but guess that only counts in a courthouse (if that)..

Based on this you seem to carry your iPhone with you on your runs, correct? In this case the watch doesn use its internal GPS but piggybacks on the phone GPS. This probably skips the GPS “issues” and will use less battery too. My Polar M400 can do about a week on one charge with 3 4 hour long runs (using the internal GPS and with 24/7 activity tracking) so there that..

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